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First Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue now available

On Mon, 9 September, 2013 - 15:44
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Mat New writes from Birmingham with news that Triratna’s first-ever ‘Arts and Culture Catalogue’ is now available online. The Catalogue - first mentioned on Triratna News last month - is dedicated to showcasing the variety and depth of artistic expression across the world-wide Triratna Buddhist Community and Order.

He says - “The Catalogue is an initiative that aims to bring a broad selection of work in all artistic disciplines into contact with the wider Triratna Buddhist movement. It hopes to shed light on the process of creating a new Buddhist culture and society that is relevant and accessible to modern people. The challenge of building this new society is open to anyone who wishes to be involved and as such this volume has been distributed to all major Triratna Buddhist Centres across all six continents. More generally, this project/book/exhibition is a step towards working out who we are as a community, and expressing what we are trying to do with our lives. I believe that what we can offer the world in terms of our creativity is formidable, but our creativity needs expression”.

The Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue comes in two formats: a high quality, large format, hardback version, which was distributed free to at least 30 Triratna Buddhist centres and retreat centres in 2013, many of whom have planned ‘launch events’ around it; and a new ‘home edition’. For every one of these smaller editions sold, around £6 goes to funding and distributing more public copies of the larger editions. Both are now available via Lulu. It’s also possible to order the home edition direct by triratnaartsandculture [at] (emailing Mat); he’s also welcoming donations to allow further free distribution of the Catalogue.

Finally Mat says - “I would very much encourage some kind of local event or Sangha evening related to the arts in September to mark the launch. It is likely that people at your Centre will have submitted work to the catalogue who would be wiling to talk about art and their practise, and even more likely that there are other creative people who would be very willing to get involved. You could consider events such as: a Talk - a Concert - a Picnic - a Film - a Slide show - an Exhibition - a Meal - a Recital - a Workshop - an Arts ‘Bring and Tell’ - An arts class - a Soiree - an Open Mike - a Festival - or an Open Day! If you are short of ideas or speakers/artists, just triratnaartsandculture [at] (let me know), I have several art ‘consultants’ who are willing to travel”.

You can see Mat talking about the Catalogue here.
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