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Eleven ordinations in the UK and Spain

On Sun, 15 September, 2013 - 12:14
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Saddhaloka and Parami write from Triratna’s Padmaloka and Akashavana retreat centres with the delightful news of 11 ordinations. Saddhaloka says - “The following men had their Public Ordination on Thursday 12th September:

David Weston becomes Saddhabhaya - ‘One who is Fearless through Faith’ (Private Preceptor Jnanavaca)

Sean Whelan becomes Dharmada - ‘He who is a Giver of the Dharma’ (Private Preceptor Prajnabandhu.

And Parami writes - “Me alegro informar a la Orden que se ha celebrado la Ordenacion publica de las siguiente mujeres (in English: I am delighted to inform the Order that the Public Ordinations of the following women took place in Spain at Akashavana on Friday 13th September 2013):

Cate McMillan becomes Satyavani (long third ‘a’, dot under the ‘n’ and long ‘i’) A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Speaker of Truth’, Private Preceptor Parami.

Lesley Burr becomes Vidyadipa (both ‘a’s long and long second ‘i’). A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has a Lamp of Knowledge’, Private Preceptor Parami.

Cathy Callaghan becomes Aryalila (long first and last ‘a’s and long ‘i’). A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Play of the Noble Ones’, Private Preceptor Mokshini.

Tia Lonka becomes Padmakaruna (dot under the ‘n’ and long final ‘a’). A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She Whose Compassion is Like a Lotus’, Private Preceptor Sridevi.

Gabi Maas-Seichter becomes Manjumati (tilde above the ‘n’). A Sanskrit / Pali name meaning ‘A Lovely Mind’, Private Preceptor Kulanandi.

Miggy Marques becomes Padmabodhini (long last ‘i’). A Sanskrit / Pali name meaning ‘She who is Awakening like a Lotus’, Private Preceptor Kalyanasri.

Portia Howe becomes Moksacitta (dot under the ‘s’ and long last ‘a’). A Sanskrit / Pali name meaning ‘She Whose Mind is Set on Liberation’, Westernized spelling Mokshachitta, Private Preceptor Jnanasiddhi.

Giuliana Malenza becomes Khemavasini (long second ‘a’ and long final ‘i’) Un nombre Sanscrito que significa ‘Ella que Mora en la Tranquilidad’ (a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She Who Dwells in Tranquillity’), Private Preceptor Paramachitta.

Concha Gallego becomes Amitamaitri (long last ‘i’). Un nombre Sanscrito que significa ‘Ella cuyo Amor Bondadoso no Tiene Limites’ (A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She Whose Loving Kindness is Limitless’), Private Preceptor Paramachitta

The Public Preceptors were Saddhaloka and Parami.

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