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A death in the Order

On Fri, 14 October, 2011 - 05:42
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Aryaketu, one of Triratna’s Indian Order Convenors, writes with the sad news of the death of an Order Member. He says -

“Dear Order Members, I am sad to inform you that Dhammacharini Shraddhaja from Nagpur died on October 3rd, at 3 pm at her home. At the time of death her husband and family members were around with her. Immediately the news spread a lot of people were visiting her death body continually and conducting ritual. The funeral took place the following day, on 4th Oct, at 12 pm at her home.

She was ordained on 15 July-2007 and her Public and Private preceptor is Dhammacharini Karunamaya.

With much metta, Aryaketu
Member of the Indian Order Convening Team.

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