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Dancing Buddhas - The story of the Buddhafield Festival

On Sun, 6 January, 2013 - 10:12
lokabandhu's picture
The annual Buddhafield Festival is - by a long way - Triratna’s largest gathering outside India. It run every year since 1996 - and now has a movie about it! Daniel Dobbie, its creator, writes - “Dancing Buddhas is a 30 minute film about the team of people who help to build Britain’s most eco friendly and inspiring festival. We go behind the scenes and try to understand how they do it, why Buddhism is so popular in Britain and why it’s such a major part of the alternative festival culture.

If you have any friends who may benefit from a drink and drug free environment or you know someone who wants to learn more about mediation, ecology or themselves please send them this link. Thanks!”

Daniel is an independent film-maker and director of angelfishfilms. The dates for this year’s Buddhafield Festival are July 17-21 - but this year, they’re launching a whole new event as well, the first Green Earth Awakening Gathering. More on this soon!

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