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Children’s Puja celebrated at Nagaloka, Portland Maine

On Sun, 18 November, 2012 - 06:32
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Dharmashuri writes from Nagaloka, Triratna’s center in Portland, Maine with news of their first-ever ‘Children’s Puja’ celebrated in late September. She says - “Sixteen little faces were shining with wonder as their parents sat with them on cushions, on the floor or in chairs. Louise Tuski read them a beautiful story exploring “Who is the Buddha?”, engaging the children with questions and thoughts to bring them right there, in the moment, with the Buddha.

After the story the children, with the help of their parents, made offerings for the puja. They made “Giving Baskets” which held their drawings or written words that they wanted to share with the Buddha. Then they had the chance to make little people out of pipe cleaners of all colors! What a beautiful site to see all those Pipe Cleaner Buddies sitting about the shrine.

Dharmasuri then led the children and parents through a puja. Along the way she described what we were doing and why. The little ones, wiggles, giggles and all, had the chance to offer their baskets, drawings, little people, fruit and water. Some walked and bowed, other younger ones crawled right up to the shrine to investigate the beauty there.

All in all it was deemed a great success by parents and children, who left asking for more Children’s pujas, story times, or mindfulness activities, perhaps even on a monthly basis!”

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