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Buddhist Action Month is coming!

On Wed, 22 May, 2013 - 14:06
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July sees the UK’s second annual Buddhist Action Month, with the environmental theme Earthkind.

Earthkind is a great opportunity for Buddhists of all traditions to get together and volunteer for the good of their local communit

Centred on the festival of Dharma Day, BAM:Earthkind promotes local actions on environmental themes: organise a talk, a neighbourhood litter-pick, a tree planting, a nature walk or whatever else you can think of!

How about an Earthkind medmob? Using social media, a horde of people agree to descend on a local public space at a given time, clear it up and then stage a public meditation.

Earthkind highlights issues around climate change, reduction of energy consumption, improving local environments and reduction of Buddhists’ carbon footprints.

Organised by the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK, it’s part of a year-long series of projects organised by all major faith groups in the UK. Last year’s Buddhist Action Day followed the same theme and was such a success (largely because of Triratna involvement) the NBO thought they’d make it a month this year, on the same theme.

Dharma Day marks the Buddha’s first discourse after his Enlightenment. Like Earthkind, it emphasises Right Action, to encourage the development and expression of wisdom and compassion for our world and the welfare of all living beings.

Set up your own local event
Facebook See the Earthkind Facebook page for support, resources and inspiration and find out what’s happening in your area. Share ideas with other groups and advertise your events!

Earthkind Event Starter Pack A simple guide on how to set up your event, including an Event Planning Tool, event ideas, and a poster to assist with promotion.

Free online video See Clear Vision’s Us and Them materials using the Four Sangrahavastus to look at social issues including the environment, from a Buddhist perspective.

Support & advice For advice on getting started, project ideas, a copy of the Earthkind Event Starter Pack, or to discuss your ideas please message us via the Facebook page.

Good luck with your project!
Together we can make BAM:Earthkind 2013 an even bigger success than 2012!

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