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Bristol Buddhist Centre appeal for stories, photos to celebrate 30th anniversary

On Fri, 12 August, 2011 - 06:13
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Jvālāmālinī, chair of Triratna’s Bristol Buddhist Centre, writes with a request to anyone who’s ever been involved in or connected with the Bristol Sangha - she’s looking for stories of their history, reminiscences, photographs for their celebrations in November. She says -

“This year is the 30th anniversary of FWBO Bristol and I want to celebrate that. We will have a birthday party event on the Saturday evening of our Sangha weekend - Saturday 12th November (Sangha day being Sun 13th).

“What I’d like for the day is to have a large Indra’s net of appreciations and rejoicings, so my second reason for writing is to invite you to say Thank You! to anyone else who has ever been involved in or connected with the Bristol Sangha. The best way for you to contribute is via the Facebook Group “Bristol Buddhist Centre Big Thank You”. You could upload any photos too. If you can’t manage that, feel free to send something in print to me at the Centre.

“I also want to collect fuller stories of our history. If any of you would like to write about part of the our collective story, (eg “the Cromwell Road Years…” ) please let me know - or just send me your reminiscences - it’d be great to have multiple contributions. Also please look out any old photos of the Sangha - it’d be so good to have these to display. “My fourth request is for you to spread this request by forwarding to others you can think of who have been involved. Ask them to post to Facebook too, and to contact me to find out more about what we’re doing on 12th November.

“Yours in the Sangha, Jvālāmālinī”

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