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Bodhishri: 1936:2011

On Sun, 23 October, 2011 - 18:49
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Jnanagita writes from Finland with the sad news of Dharmacharini Bodhishri. Ordained in 1973, Bodhishri was one of the longest-ordained members of the Order. Jnanagita says -

“I am sad to tell you that Bodhishri died on Friday 21st October, some minutes after midnight in the Terhokoti Hospice in Helsinki. She had a long and painful period of illness behind her. Just one day earlier we were eight Finnish Order members there, doing a sevenfold puja for her. We are sure she heard and received it and participated even if she could not communicate any more.

Lasse, Bodhishri’s husband, had visited her in the afternoon, as he did every day all these weeks of her Hospice care. The night nurse had been out of her room for a while by midnight - and noticed that Bodhishri had quietly left her body in the meanwhile.

With metta, Jnanagita”

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