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Appeal to support Hungarian Buddhist Sangha

On Tue, 8 November, 2011 - 22:16
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Sam Rawling, Subhuti’s secretary, writes with this request, following their recent visit to Hungary and the Triratna sangha there. He says -

“Dear readers of Triratna News,

Following a recent news story on the work of our Dhammamitras in Hungary, we would like to ask for your help! As those of you who saw the story are aware, the Jai Bhim network - with whom Triratna have very strong links - are currently challenging the Hungarian Government in an attempt to safeguard their own existence. The increasingly right-wing authoritarian powers in Budapest have re-written the Hungarian Constitution effectively outlawing all non-Christian congregations. The change comes into effect on the 1st January 2012, so the matter is urgent. Political policies of religious intolerance are ugly and dangerous and must not be idly condoned.

YOU CAN HELP by signing the petition the Jai Bhim Network have created; it’s at It’s a small gesture but it is something. Solidarity is important at this time, and our friends in the Sangha need our support. Their target is 4,000 signatures.

Many thanks.


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