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Introducing Singhamati: Triratna’s new Young Persons' Co-ordinator in Europe

On Thu, 8 May, 2014 - 12:48
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Singhamati recently joined the European Chairs’ Assembly’s Development Team as Young Persons’ Coordinator.

Here, she introduces herself:

“In 2001, aged 21, I stepped into the Buddhist Centre in Norwich, UK. I was having a painful time and hoped that meditation might help. I quickly realised that it did, and at 24 I became a mitra, in Shrewsbury. At 26 I moved to Taraloka Retreat Centre for Women, having asked for ordination.

In 2008 I went to the first-ever weekend event exploring how we could inspire more young people to practise the Dharma in Triratna. I found the weekend deeply inspiring, as it was the first time I’d ever been on retreat with people my own age, despite having been around Triratna centres for the past seven years. Exploring the Dharma with people my own age was really different and had a profound effect on me and gave me the confidence and inspiration to start leading events for young people.

The Triratna Young Buddhists’ Project grew out of this retreat and the retreats that followed, which have led to the establishment of young Buddhist groups at many of our Centres. I have been privileged to help organise and lead these retreats, as well as set up a network of young people.

In 2013, the European Chairs’ Assembly agreed to fund a part-time Young Persons’ Coordinator. I jumped at this chance to carry on my work with the project. Having only started the job in March this year, I am already enjoying helping to support, initiate, network and dream up ways in which we can continue to inspire more and more young people in the Dharma!

This job is the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life, as it also marks my departure from seven happy years living and working at Taraloka, where I was Centre Manager for five years and from where I was ordained in 2010. I now live in Birmingham, where I support activities at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

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