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A Fundraiser for Vancouver Buddhist Centre

On Fri, 25 November, 2022 - 14:22
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Centre Team

Vancouver Buddhist Centre has been dependent on the generosity of its pledgers for many years. Sadly, it was financially impossible to keep the doors open during the pandemic. Placing all their belongings in storage and letting go of the physical centre. Losing many of their pledgers, as well as, income from classes and retreats in the process.

“For my oh-so 6th decade birthday, I want to raise $1000 for every year I have completed on this planet. This amount will enable us to return to the rental market and have a physical presence for a community that has the highest addiction casualties in North America. More people die from drug overdoses in Vancouver than anywhere else in North America. And during the last two years of the Pandemic, more people have died from drug overdoses than from Covid.” - Vimalasara (Valerie Mason-John)

The funds raised will allow the Vancouver sangha to re-establish a physical presence and regain the momentum needed to become self-sustaining again. Providing a spiritual and health wellness space alongside other service providers in the field of addiction and trauma.


About The Vancouver Buddhist Centre:

Currently they hold two structured events weekly virtually:

  • Recovery Monday is a meditation evening for people in all forms of recovery. The sessions are an opportunity to explore Buddhist meditation as a tool to help cultivate sobriety of mind. Meditation for people with addiction issues or compulsive behaviors can help calm the mind and heal the heart.
  • Eight Step Recovery Sundays use Vimalasara’s book, Eight Step Recovery: Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction as the basis for the discussion (similar to the format of AA meetings).

A physical presence is vital to the recovery community and the greater Vancouver sangha. It will provide a place to resume in-person events including Sangha nights and a Sunday meditation classes, as well as other Buddhist centre activities.

Find out more & donate: visit the gofundme page.

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