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Croydon Buddhist Centre, UK: Dedicating a new shrine room

On Wed, 28 June, 2017 - 10:26
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This heartwarming Newsbyte video from Clear Vision trust documents a day held at Croydon Buddhist Centre, UK, to dedicate its beautiful shrine room. 

On Saturday 13th May, I joined Sanghadhara (Clear Vision) to cover the event. We were both struck by the sheer number of well-wishers there and the evident friendship they had with each other. Some had travelled from afar and others who could not make it had sent in messages of encouragement. Some were no longer based at the Centre, having been part of the Sangha years ago, but had returned for the occasion. 

This video captures the positive atmosphere on the day and the energy and momentum at the Centre more generally. It also shows the exquisite new rupa that I could have stared at for days. Do visit if you are near London - they also have a fantastic charity shop called Hidden Gems next door. 

Listen to the lively talk, A Sangha doesn’t happen in space, that Nagabodhi gave on the day:

“Nagabodhi shares memories of being in Croydon during the 1970’s. He describes the beautiful symmetry of the fact that he opened the first shrine room in the Croydon Centre and is now here to open the newly rebuilt shrine room in 2017. Nagabodhi considers the many eras of Croydon’s history and shares the idea that a new shrine room is the seed of incalculable journeys for the future.”

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