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Buddhist animator seeks team

On Sun, 4 May, 2014 - 13:00
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Seen the “What meditation isn’t” animation on our homepage this week? It’s the work of Stephen Heppell, a mitra training for ordination at the London Buddhist Centre.

“I’ve always been passionate about Team Based Right Livelihood”, he says, “and have always loved creativity so I thought I’d try and bring these interests together in the form of Moving Vision Motion Graphics, a video production company. I’ve set it up with two aims:
  • To be a Team-Based Right Livelihood and become a top-class and cutting-edge agency for producing animated videos and motion graphics
  • To produce videos about Buddhism: teachings, stories based on Sangharakshita’s and Triratna’s exposition of the Dharma.
The project is under way but I need a team!”

If you can help or join in with either of these two aims, particularly if you have motion graphics/ video-making skills and experience, please get in touch with Stephen.

See more Buddhist animation.
info [at] (Email) Stephen.
Visit his website.

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