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Triratna Day 50th Celebrations, London

On Tue, 4 April, 2017 - 21:45
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Celebrating fifty years of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community
This Saturday, the 8th of April 2017, the London Buddhist Centre hosts a day of events on behalf of all the London Centres to celebrate the presence of Bhante Sangharakshita’s vision in the world, and its significance in the unfoldment of the Buddha’s teachings.

Everyone is welcome to attend all or part of the day. The day is led by Order members associated with all five Triratna London Buddhist Centres. 

Programme for the day
 Doors open

10am Welcome by Jnanavaca: The Day and its Significance

Three Fold Puja, led by Dharmasri.

Followed by Triratna Metta Bhavana, led by Visuddhimati - Led practice starting with Bhante, moving through the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community, and out to include the whole world.

11.30am Tea and homemade cakes 

12pm Triratna Stories: What Meeting the Movement has Meant for Me - The first three of five short talks, chaired by Suddhaka. 

1pm Lunch, please bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share

2.30pm Film Screening of An Opening of the Heart

3.30pm Tea and homemade cakes 

4pm Talk by Subhuti: For the Welfare of the World - The fire of peace has been ignited in the world by the Buddha. It burns brightly today in the Triratna Order and movement, and inspired by Sangharakshita’s vision will burn well into the future – but how do we fan the flames so that the heat of practice transforms the world? Chaired by Subhadramati.

Subhuti’s talk will be live streamed via

6pm Supper in Larder, next door to the LBC 

7.30pm Triratna Stories: What Meeting the Movement has Meant for Me - The final two of five short talks, chaired by Jnanavaca 

8.30pm Seven-Fold Puja led by Bodhilila

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