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Suella Braverman, The Triratna Buddhist Order and The London Buddhist Centre

On Tue, 23 May, 2023 - 13:24
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A recent Guardian article incorrectly stated that Ms Braverman is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and attends the London Buddhist Centre twice a month.

The London Buddhist Centre wishes to clarify that Ms Braverman is neither a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order nor has she attended the Centre in recent times.

The Trustees of the London Buddhist Centre would like to clarify the nature of the relationship between the Home Secretary Ms Suella Braverman, the Triratna Buddhist Order and the London Buddhist Centre following inaccurate claims in recent Observer and Guardian articles on the 14th May and the Wikipedia page about Ms Braverman.

Ms Braverman is not an ordained Buddhist or member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Being a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order requires an individual to undergo several years of extensive training, and once ordained there are a range of processes to ensure ongoing ethical development and accountability. To become a member of the London Buddhist Centre, a registered charity, an individual has first to be ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order.  

Each year many people attend the London Buddhist Centre, some of whom express an intention to learn more about the teachings of the Buddha.  As a result, some become mitras, a word which means ‘friend’.  Ms Braverman became a mitra in 2012. This denotes an initial personal commitment without any formal attendant responsibility. Some mitras maintain and deepen their involvement with Buddhist practice over time, seeking teaching and feedback, while others do not.

We have been asked if there is a process for ensuring ongoing accountability for mitras.  For this level of involvement, there is currently no system for deciding if someone should remain a mitra after their initial declaration. Nor is there any attendance requirement or any other formal duty placed on a mitra.  It simply indicates that at a certain moment someone has expressed an interest in absorbing more of the Buddhist teachings – whether they follow through, or not, is their decision. 

Therefore neither The London Buddhist Centre nor Triratna has any responsibility for, or indeed, any influence with regard to actions carried out or statements issued by Ms Braverman in her role as an MP and Minister of the Government. 

- The Trustees of the London Buddhist Centre


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