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Buddha Day Festival

On Mon, 12 May, 2014 - 17:28
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The life of the Buddha is a narrative that uncovers the deepest truths of the human mind and addresses life’s most profound questions. Over the course of the day we will enter the drama of the Buddha’s life as told through story and poetry. There will also be meditation, reflection and puja (with mitra ceremonies), so that the story is not something we simply listen to, but something we are. PDF of programme available here

Led by Srivati and Vidyadaka

Sun 18 May, 10am-10pm. No need to book. Dana/donation. All welcome

9.00 am Visualising the Buddha – for everyone
10.00 am Sitting in the Company of the Buddha: A morning of meditation, devotion and story.
Doors will be closed from 10.15am until lunch for a silent morning of practice
1.00 pm Lunch Bring a veg/vegan lunch to share
2.30pm – Meeting the Buddha: Reflection and three short, personal talks from Priyavajra, Suella Fernandes and Charlotte Lawes
4.00 pm Tea
4.30 pm ‘The Buddha Day Talk’ with Subhuti, the President of the LBC
6.00 pm Supper in the Larder
7.00 pm Sevenfold Puja with Mitra Ceremonies
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