Cover image, Kindling the Flame


On Tue, 3 December, 2013 - 21:37
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THOUGH THIS poem has been taken out of context, the ending of Time of Fire, I find it apt to reflect on the inferred death of Sangharakshita (long may it be postponed). As the film, part three of my history of Triratna, has several themes of conflict, I wanted to end on some sober reflection, and the author was kind enough to read his poem (or part of).
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Proper cinema! The unity of profound and exalted words fused with the powerfully significant moving image. A joy, albeit in this case a melancholy one - many thanks indeed.
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A consoling hand
Teaches out to us
And makes it clear that
It’s about him and us
Distinct, but apart
Don’t believe me just watch!