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New Triratna text for European Buddhist Union website

On Sun, 15 May, 2016 - 22:52
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After many years of an old site with very out of date details for Triratna, here is the updated text on the member page of the European Buddhist Union’s new website.

Scroll down and find Triratna. One thing you may notice is that every other Buddhist organisation (bar one) has a logo. Not so with Triratna, where every centre or enterprise has its own. The kesa is our one single common visual element worldwide.

Your comments welcome.

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Hi Munisha,

I like your text - clear and succinct. Do we still have Friends with a capital F? I thought one of the reasons the ECA asked Bhante to change the name from Friends of the Triratna Buddhist Order to The Triratna Buddhist Community was because we wanted to drop the Friends label. If my memory serves me right it was considered to be too Anglo-centric. 


Munisha's picture

Oh good, thank you.

I do think we still have Friends, and Mitras and Order members. The problem as I understood it was with the concept of Friends of an institution. This was what was inexpressible in many languages beyond English.

Metta, Munisha