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Jamyang London Celebrates Black History Month

On Wed, 16 September, 2020 - 10:12
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You may be interested in this information about events run by Jamyang London (UK), part of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana (FPMT), which has come to me at the Triratna Liaison Office. They write:

“October marks Black History Month in the UK.

Across the country, events will be taking place to celebrate the contributions Black people have made to all aspects of society and culture. This year, the shadow cast by the tragic state killings of Black people in the USA, and the subsequent uprisings, make those celebrations all the more poignant. 

At Jamyang London we are determined to take the issue of racial justice seriously, and we are taking action in several ways. This includes:

  • Working on creating a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive community. In particular, we are springboarding this conversation with a Community Assembly in November, entitled ‘Exploring Diversity’. 
  • Collaborating with other Buddhist organisations to develop movements for racial justice

In addition, we are partnering with Buddhists Across Traditions* to offer an extensive calendar of events to mark Black History Month. As well as featuring the Coming Home event series hosted by Buddhists Across Traditions, we have organised two talks with Professor Jan Willis and a special Medicine Buddha Puja to highlight the Say Their Names campaign. We will be dedicating to those who have lost their lives to racial violence. 

Please join us in celebrating the contributions of Black people to society and Sangha.

Jamyang Team

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*Buddhists Across Traditions say “We are a BAME/BPOC centred collective (UK) uniting Buddhist, mindfulness and spiritual groups in service of racial justice, social equity and healing. Our practices can blossom a radically different society.”

Triratna Liaison Officer

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