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International Western Dharma Teacher Gathering 20-24 October

On Fri, 15 October, 2021 - 12:18
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Still places available for the online International Western Dharma Teacher Gathering starting next week, Thursday-Sunday 20-24 October; also bursary places available.

On the Thursday Munisha (Triratna Liaison officer and ECA Safeguarding officer) will be giving a presentation on ‘Preventing harm in Buddhist communities and addressing it when it happens’, with a panel comprising Jan Chozen Bays, Lama Willa Miller and Scott Edelstein, author of Sex and the Spiritual Teacher: Why it Happens, When it’s a Problem and What We Can All Do.

Other Triratna speakers are Amaragita, Jayachitta, Maitriveer Nagarjuna, Subhuti and Vimalasara (who is on the organising committee).

See full schedule. (Note that it takes place from 3pm to late evening UK time.)

This conference is open to:

  • Buddhist teachers with 5+ years of experience (ie in our terms Order members ordained 5+ years) - who can participate in the full conference
  • Newer teachers and general Buddhist practitioners can access the Plenary/Keynote Sessions with a Limited Pass at a reduced rate

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Looks interesting, sorry not to be able to parttake this time, but would be happy to do so another time. Its good Triratna keep getting out there so thanks those of you who are attending and all