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Online Womens GFR group on Sundays at 5pm

On Sun, 12 June, 2022 - 09:50
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Caroline I P

Would you like to join us?

We are three women in our 20s and 30s training for ordination - Alexandra (Worcester), Cara (Croydon) and Caroline (Adhisthana) and meet weekly online in Sundays at 5pm for an hour or so. 

If you are looking for an online GFR group do get in touch about joining us. Unfortunately we are unable to change the time we meet.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A, C, C xxx

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saddhanandi's picture

I’d love to but unfortuantely I don’ think I qualify! :-)

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Hey all ..

My name is Vickie and I am with the Cambridge Sangha.

I am looking for a GFR group as the person I am in group with at present is moving country. 

I met you at Alfoxton Caroline in the Paramananda retreat ( great retreat).

I am in my 40s…So may not be in the age group you maybe looking for…Although, the group I was in at Cambridge was with young Buddhists. 

I look forward to your response.

Let me know 🙂👍

Much love, 

Vickie ( email vickiebrown727 [at] )

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Hello Alexandra, Cara and Caroline,

please could someone contact me about this - as I would like a private contact to have a discussion about this possibility?

thanks and best wishes


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hi there

wonder if you’re still looking for women to join you? I’m a tfo mitra in Sheffield, older than you guys - would that be welcome? I asked to train perhaps seven years ago, have a kula and km’s. I’d love to tell you more about ways in which I practice and hear more about you, but first perhaps I ought to ask if this post is still open?

with metta, Liz