International Retreat 2014

Notes from the workshops

On Sun, 25 May, 2014 - 22:54
Munisha's picture
There’s a choice of workshops each afternoon. Since there’s a huge range of experience among us here, they range from introductory talks on Buddhism and meditation all the way to in-depth study of teachings by Atisha.

Vajradaka is running a series of meditation workshops. Yesterday he concentrated on the need for commitment to notice and change our unhelpful habits. “Where will I be in 10 years’ time if I leave this tendency unchecked?” is a good question to ask oneself!

And today Dhammarati’s little study group (of 28) continued their study of what it might mean to possess “the essence of voidness and compassion”. If we truly understood the emptiness of all phenomena of any fixed self, what difference would that make to our relationship to - well - everything and everyone?

I’ll leave you with a line from their study material, from The Door of Liberation, by Geshe Wangyal.

“When you realise the correct meaning of voidness - and lose your blind lust for all things material and spiritual - your life becomes one flowing act of transcendent giving.”

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