International Retreat 2014

Mokshini On Sustainable Community

On Wed, 21 May, 2014 - 14:02's picture
An inspiring introduction from Mokshini to the Buddhist Action Month (BAM) initiative at the 2014 International Retreat, towards the ideal of a sustainable Triratna community worldwide.

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Tejopala's picture
Great to see this is happening. Let me know how I can work in with the combined efforts to help make our Sangha more environmentally sustainable. I have some skills in this area that I can offer. I have just been accepted to train with Al Gore for three days in the areas of communicating effectively about climate change as part of his Climate Leadership Corps. ( I would really like some of what I do with that training to find expression within the Triratna Order and community. I’ll be following the retreat to see what it is you’re proposing to do and to keep in touch. With metta, Tejopala