International Retreat 2014

All three main talks on video now

On Sat, 31 May, 2014 - 13:32
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All three main talks from the International Retreat are now available to view on, thanks to the Clear Vision team’s hard work.

Watch them here:
Vajragupta: “The Bodhisattva’s reply” (53 mins)
Vaddhaka: “Going beyond capitalism: a Buddhist perspective” (1 hour)
Mokshini: “Altruism, actually: Getting out and doing It” (57 mins) is a mine of Triratna/FWBO video old and new, provided for us by Clear Vision, Triratna’s audio-visual media project. They also look after Sangharakshita’s photographic archive and provide or create enormous quantities of free Dharma materials for children and teenagers at home and school worldwide.

Please help support Clear Vision with a donation.
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