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International Council Team: Update

On Mon, 4 January, 2021 - 15:12
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Dhammarati has worked as the convenor of the International Council for the last decade, establishing a structure for communication and collaboration between the College, Order and Movement from every geographical area, to support the unity of our spiritual community across the world. 

In March, he handed over to Arthavadin who will work with the International Council Steering Group and Area Councils, to support and develop the work of the International Council in its next phase.



Since resigning as chair of the Manchester Buddhist Centre (MBC) in 2018 I’ve been working as a freelance organisational development consultant and leadership coach - mainly for the police in the UK. This has been socially worthwhile work and it’s kept me financially afloat but, to be frank, it hasn’t made my heart sing! I have certainly appreciated an 18 months’ sabbatical from ‘full-on’ engagement in Triratna institutions, but I’ve also missed the inspiration, intimacy and intensity of working with order friends who share a common vision. 

When I heard about the opportunity of working for the International Council I didn’t have to ponder too long before deciding to apply. Over the past two years I’ve co-facilitated the IC and this has given me a sense of its value and enormous potential.  Sadly, I don’t think this is (yet) fully appreciated by the order and movement so I look forward to working alongside the IC Steering Group to change that!

I shall start the convening role in early spring but, as you might expect, my mind is already turning towards it. Over the coming months I want to ‘get up to speed’ about the IC and that’s going to require a lot of listening and learning. If you have thoughts or ideas regarding the IC that you’d like to share with me, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll be pleased to hear from you.

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What good news! Well done and thank you so much.

x Munisha

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Hey, great news. The two of you will make a fab team, though Dhammarati’s perspective will be missed. xxx

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Hello Arthavadin and Akasajoti

Wonderful you are stepping into this role together. Sadhu. 

May you both flourish.

Sucimani xxx

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Thanks for letting us know Akasajoti - and for taking this on Arthavadin and Akasajoti!

Like you I think that the International Council and Steering Group are a potentially enormously important and useful resource for our Community moving forward… So Sadhu! :-) 

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Thank you Dhammarati for your committed pioneering work in helping International Council take flight. Now that hard work can be a springboard for Arthavadin and Akasajoti as they so generously take on the co-convening.  What a great team!

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Wonderful news. What a great team! I can really see the potential you both bring in building on what has germinated and evolved under Dharmarati’s vision. His foresight of the importance of the IC.  

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Dear Akasajoti and dear Arthavadin,
wow, it’s great to hear that you will step into this important responsibility together. Sadhu! I really can see you both as co-convenors of the IC.Truly a new generation. And yes, may you help the full potential of the International Council to blossom…

Dear Dhammarati,
thank you for your infatigable and dedicated work for the International Council. You envisaged it all from scratch and significantly helped shape it and nourish it through it’s fledgling years. May all blessings be yours…