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Urgent Appeal for 66 Order members in India

On Sat, 17 April, 2021 - 22:19
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Centre Team

Dear Friends,

The second wave of covid is causing poverty, distress and death in India. Very sadly we have lost several members of the Order to covid in recent days. Currently 15 Order members are unwell with covid to the point of needing medicines and / or oxygen. With public health supplies running low, these things need to be paid for privately. We want to send £150 to each of these Order members to give them this ability.

Donate to the emergency appeal

Our Abhayaratna Trust grant team in India have let us know too that 51 Order brothers and sisters are currently unable to work due to covid restrictions. They need modest funds to buy food and pay basic household bills for a couple of months. We want to send £60 to each of them. We did this last year and it worked really well to relieve immediate hardship.

So we are appealing today for £5500. Can you give £150 or £60, or the equivalent in your country’s currency, so that we can quickly pass on your gift to these specific 66 Order members.

If you can do this today, or give any amount of your choosing, please click here now. And please share this appeal with your friends if you think they could help. Thank you very much.

Much metta

Mahasraddha, Taradakini, Jinavamsa & Utpalavajri
The Abhayaratna Trust Team

Donate to the emergency appeal

P.S. Donations can be securely made via our website

For those living outside the UK, you can donate via our paypal account finance [at] or by sending a UK cheque payable to The Abhayaratna Trust, to Flat 0/3, 37 Amisfield Street, Glasgow, G20 8LB. Email Jinavamsa [at] with any donation questions.

The Abhayaratna Trust gives modest grants to individual Order members worldwide. We exist to relieve financial hardship and encourage a culture of caring for each other at all stages of our Order life. Find out more about us at or our facebook page.

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An important note for anyone trying to give from outside the UK:

If your postal/zip code is not accepted on the donation site, please if you can use PayPal and send your donation directly to finance [at]

You can find more details on how to donate and how to get email support at 🙏🏼