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Urban Retreat Metta Wave Poster now ready

On Thu, 31 October, 2013 - 11:11
lokabandhu's picture
Here’s a PDF poster of the Urban Retreat’s Metta Wave for anyone who wants to print and display on their shrine during the retreat - a reminder of the internationality of the retreat, which will include people from Vancouver to Beijing, Mexico City to Moscow - and many points in-between.

There’s a choice of two file sizes to download - 2MB and the full 19MB; both will print a 10-page full-colour poster which you’ll need to trim and stick together to reveal its full glory. Each also includes a one-page ‘thumbnail’ if your shrine won’t fit the full thing.

Many thanks to all the individuals and Sanghas who have contributed, it’s a great testimony to our internationality and also our shared practice of Metta. New photos are still arriving and will be added to the online version of the Metta Wave map - most recently from Seattle, who have somehow managed to get themselves actually waving in the photo!

The Urban Retreat starts on November 9th. Between now and then we’ll be posting a series of preparatory materials so check back to the retreat’s home page anytime: thebuddhistcentre.com/urbanretreat.
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