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ICin5 No.6 - Day Four, Commonality, Conflict & The Past

On Thu, 3 September, 2020 - 00:21
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Centre Team

A packed day four at IC2020 Online! Nothing is ever black and white really, and today’s topics prove the point.  

Issues that could be contentious any time - past or future - present themselves directly. We hear from Jnanadhara and Subhadramati how that all went from the perspective of the UK & Ireland.

- Commonality, innovation and creative tension.
- Buddhist takes on conflict resolution.
- Facing the shadows of the past.

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abhayadevi's picture

Thanks for this. Good to know what was talked about, and it would be great to know more about the actual content. Is it possible to see Dhammarati’s presentation please. Also wondering when the Adhisthana Kula report will be shared with the Order. Thanks.

Abhayadevi x

akasajoti's picture

Hey Abhayadevi, yep there will be more content shared with the order including Dhammarati’s presentation and the Adhisthana Kula report, all some time in the next two weeks once I’ve had a few days off and time to gather up and present it all, which is trickier  to do when it’s all been happening locally, rather than in the Beams. X x

abhayadevi's picture

Thanks Akasajoti. X