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For the Earth: The Art of Skilful Choices by Vimalamoksha

On Wed, 10 June, 2020 - 14:45
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For the Earth: The Art of Skilful Choices by Vimalamoksha, Saturday 13th June

USA 11am PST | México 1pm | USA 2pm EST | UK & IE 7pm | Europe 8pm CET

As the fragility of our collective society is becoming more and more apparent to more and more people, it is important to investigate the motivation that drives our actions personally and collectively. Especially if we want to engage in skilful and effective action!

In the Buddhist tradition, choice is seen as a fundamental component of our consciousness, driving all our actions.

How can we better understand the different forces within our will and the will of others?

How can we skilfully come into relationship with our hopes and fears in ways that help manifest the potential of our collective efforts?

How do we commit to an investigation of our mixed motivations, so that our personal and collective experiences can bear the fruits of wisdom and compassion?

Join Vimalamoksha as he shares his reflections on the force of energy behind our actions.

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rodashruti's picture

I love the little video! Looking forward to engaging with this after it’s archived.

aryadrishti's picture

Thank you for an inspiring talk today Vimalamoksha. I appreciate your playful approach to facing reality and the daydream practice. 

Danamaya Dh's picture

I loved this talk. So much in it to reflect on. When will the whole video or transcript be available? Thank you so much for this series…

kusaladevi's picture

Hi Danamaya, we will be adding all of the videos to Youtube in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out there!