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On Mon, 8 October, 2012 - 16:09
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Recently the Glasgow Buddhist Centre had a party for our volunteers, to say thank you for all their hard work and generosity over the last year. As part of our proceedings we had a Dharma Quiz, devised by Suriyavamsa. We thought this might be of interest to you, either as a fun thing to do yourself, or to offer at a class for a bit of amusement. But beware, some of the questions are fiendish!

Answers are given at the bottom.


1. What are the three lakshanas?
a. dukkha, anitya, anatma
b. Buddha, Dharma, Sangha
c. sunyata, dukkha, anatma
d. the unbiased, the signless, the empty

2. What follows feeling on the Wheel of Life?
a. contact
b. attachment
c. becoming
d. craving

3. What are the Brahmaviharas, the divine abodes?
a. peace, contentment, joy, love
b. metta, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity
c. mindfulness, ethics, metta, equanimity
d. compassion, devotion, love, sympathetic joy

4. Where was the Buddha-to-be born?
a. Sarnath
b. Lumbini
c. Sravasti
d. Bodhgaya

5. Who were the Buddha’s two chief disciples?
a. Ananda and Sariputta
b. Sariputta and Mahakassapa
c. Mogallana and Sariputta
d. Ananda and Mogallana

6. What is the Majjhima Nikaya?
a. a collection of Pali suttas
b. a Mahayana sutra
c. a list of monastic ethical principles
d. an ancient Indian monastery

7. In what order did Buddhism become established in the areas now occupied by these countries?
a. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tibet, China
b. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Tibet
c. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Tibet
d. Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Tibet

8. What are the three asavas - the biases destroyed upon enlightenment?
a. the biases towards greed, hate and ignorance
b. the biases towards food, sex and sleep
c. the biases towards sensuous desire, continued existence and spiritual ignorance
d. the biases towards sensuous desire, views and spiritual ignorance

9. In what year was the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (now the Triratna Buddhist Order) established?
a. 1966
b. 1972
c. 1967
d. 1968

10. In what town did Sangharakshita live for most of his time in India?
a. Darjeeling
b. Kalimpong
c. Bodhgaya
d. Siliguri

11. In what year was FWBO Glasgow (now Triratna Glasgow) established
a. 1973
b. 1983
c. 1968
d. 1977

12. The Jodo Shin Shu is a Buddhist school of which country?
a. China
b. Korea
c. Vietnam
d. Japan

13. Hakuin was a teacher in which tradition?
a. Soto Zen
b. Pure Land
c. Rinzai Zen
d. Ch’an

14. What are the Four Foundations of Mindfulness?
a. body, feelings, mental states, mental events
b. body, ethics, people, mind
c. feelings, thoughts, people, the environment
d. things, body, mental events, feelings

15. Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism in what year?
a. 1937
b. 1956
c. 1962
d. 1947

16. What is the Buddha Amitabha’s wisdom?
a. all accomplishing wisdom
b. the wisdom of equality
c. discriminating wisdom
d. mirror like wisdom

17. What are the three levels of wisdom?
a. listening, reflecting, meditating
b. listening, reflecting, wisdom
c. ethics, meditation, wisdom
d. ethics, reflecting, wisdom

18. What is the correct sequence of the stages of the Triratna’s Sevenfold Puja?
a. worship, salutation, going for refuge, confession, rejoicing in merit, entreaty, transference of merit
b. worship, going for refuge, salutation, confession, entreaty, rejoicing in merit, transference of merit
c. salutation, worship, going for refuge, rejoicing in merit, confession, entreaty, transference of merit
d. worship, salutation, confession, going for refuge, rejoicing in merit, transference of merit, entreaty

19. Who or what is ‘Sarvastivada’?
a. an ancient kingdom in India
b. a style of meditation
c. a famous teacher of ancient India
d. a school of Indian Buddhism

20. What are the three assertions we make upon becoming mitras in the Triratna Buddhist Community?
a. I think of myself as a Buddhist; I am trying to practice the five precepts; the Triratna Community is the main context within which I want to practice at least for the forseeable future
b. I meditate daily; I no longer ‘shop around’ different spiritual groups; I help out at my local Triratna centre
c. I think of myself as a Buddhist; I meditate daily; I am trying to practice the five precepts
d. I no longer ‘shop around’ different spiritual groups; I help out at my local Triratna centre; I am trying to practice the five precepts

1. a
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. c
6. a
7. c
8. c
9. c
10. b
11. a
12. d
13. c
14. a
15. b
16. c
17. a
18. a
19. d
20. a

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Great fun, I got them all right!
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Thanks - I learned a few things (translated as: I had several wrong answers!) Great set of questions.