Money Awakening Retreat

On Fri, 15 July, 2016 - 14:54
Liz_Bassett's picture

In May Amalavajra ran a Money Awakening Retreat at Adhisthana.  Participants from the UK, Europe and Mexico spent a weekend together reflecting on their relationship with money.  Through meditation, puja and workshops they explored how we earn, spend, save and donate our money, and learnt how our relationship with money is part of our spiritual life.  Meditating on the Buddha Ratnasambhava, retreat participants were encouraged to focus on the 3rd and 2nd precepts: Live Simpler, Give More

If you’d like Amalavajra to run a Money Awakening Workshop at your Buddhist centre, contact Liz : liz [at] futuredharma.org

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