Meet Kusalaraja

On Wed, 20 September, 2023 - 10:03
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Our much loved Fundraising Director has joined the Order with the most apt of names, Kusalaraja - King of Skillful Action.

Kusalaraja has written a heartfelt news story about his journey towards ordination, boosted by the strength of the support he received from his friends and co-workers within the Sangha. Not least of which from his Private Preceptor, and colleague, Nandavajra. 

“As I embark on my life within the Order and at FutureDharma, I am resolute in my commitment to support and make more Triratna projects accessible wherever they are needed. Fundraising for FutureDharma is just one of the ways that I am able to do this.” ~ Kusalaraja

Read here for more

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