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On Wed, 3 April, 2013 - 16:23
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In last Saturday’s FBA Podcast, “The Blissful Mind,” Vajradevi explores bliss, happiness, joy and their relationship to the Buddhist path. What stops us feeling happy more of the time? Is there a difference between freedom of desire and freedom from desire?Last of a series of four talks entitled ‘The Powers of the Mind’ given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in April 2011.

This was followed by Monday’s FBA Dharmabyte, “Compassionate Action,” where Sangharakshita talks about Chetul Sangyu Dorje, his teacher who gave him the Green Tara sadhana practice. Green Tara the radiant Bodhisattva of compassion, inspiration to many who lead a Buddhist life aspiring to beauty and a steady openness in the face of the mysteries of existence. From the talk given to inaugurate Taraloka’s new shrine cabin dedicated to Tara, titled: “On Tara.”

If you haven’t yet joined our weekly FBA Podcast, consider doing so! We have some fantastic and thought-provoking talks coming up this month in our theme: The Magic of Emptiness

“Magic for the Modern World” by Candradasa exploring how magic can be a powerful metaphor for the modern Buddhist
“The Tiger’s Cave” by Padmavajra bringing us face to face with the Great Emptiness at the heart of practice
“Empty Cave: Reflections on Life, Practice and Enlightenment” by Saraha on finding hope and direction through emptiness

And with our FBA Dharmabytes, a little bit of Dharma infusion goes a long way in fueling our inspirations and aspirations. FBA Dharmabytes are short excerpts from our vast collection of talks on Buddhist principles and practices. Released twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays these little Dharma jewels provide a window into a vast treasure trove worth more than anything we can imagine. Coming up this week we have “Going Beyond Fixed Ego”, “Thunder-like Silence”, “Just Be Friendly” and “Becoming More Natural.” Who would have thought so much can be communicated in just a few minutes time?

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