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Rebecoming, Love, and Play!

On Wed, 12 June, 2013 - 14:08
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This week our FBA Podcasts started with a beautiful Dharma Jewel from Ratnadharini titled: ‘Rebecoming’. This Dharmabyte explores the distinction between skilful and unskilful as a process of re-becoming or rebirth. From the fourth talk in a five-part series from Tiratanaloka’s retreat on the ‘Four Mind Turnings‘ of the Tibetan tradition titled ‘Karma and the Consequences of Our Actions.’

Then on Saturday, for our full-length FBA Podcast, Amitasuri brought us “Love, Sangha and Amitabha”. Here we are introduced to Amitabha: the Buddha of love and compassion, looking at the love and sangha aspects of the red Buddha of the western realm. From this perspective Amitasuri reflects on our relationships and the preciousness of human life. She considers whether, with body speech and mind, there can be any more appropriate response to connecting with ourselves and each other than with love and compassion.

And then we just couldn’t resist the notion of Play! Next up was in our FBA Dharmabyte track was from the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community, Sangharakshita. In “The Bodhisattva at Play” he explores how a Bodhisattva’s work is like the play of an elephant. Delightful and fun, this talk was given in 1969 as part of “Aspects of the Bodhisattva Ideal,” and is titled “Masculinity and Femininity in the Spiritual Life.”

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