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Volunteer with Free Buddhist Audio! Here's How!

Free Buddhist Audio has a great volunteer community made up of dedicated people who take it upon themselves to devote hours of their own time listening to new talks, making transcripts, separating long talks out into smaller tracks, and sometimes even helping to translate talks into other languages or editing audio. It is a big job – we have many hundreds of talks online, and more coming through the digital door every day from Triratna centers all over the world.

Some volunteers are able to do many talks. Some, only one. Each and every volunteer is considered by our small, but dedicated staff to be an incredibly invaluable resource to the work that we do. To our current and past volunteers, we’d like to express our great thanks.

In our communications with volunteers, we hear one consistent message. Most volunteers feel that they receive more than they contribute. While from our perspective the balance might go the other way, we recognize the sentiment, because we feel it ourselves.

When you really spend time with these Dharma talks, listening carefully for breaks in topic, or working to accurately write down what is being said, there are wonderful side benefits. Not only have you listened to the talk, you’ve absorbed it. If you’ve taken on the work for a talk that you may never have listened to on your own, it can open up new doors in your practice and understanding. The act of working with the audio is in some ways similar to working with the breath – the application of mindfulness makes all the difference.

We can always use more volunteers! If you have a few hours and an interest in helping us to make these materials more user-friendly and accessible, in addition to enriching your own experience of them, please consider contacting us.

To volunteer for track marking, click this link: http://thebuddhistcentre.com/freebuddhistaudio/new-transcription-project/track-marking-talk-fba

To volunteer for transcription, click this one: http://thebuddhistcentre.com/freebuddhistaudio/new-transcription-project/transcribing-talk-fba

For other volunteer queries, such as translation work or audio editing, please contact our Community Liaison, Eric Wentworth, at eric@freebuddhistaudio.com

Thank you, and happy listening!