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Heroism, Gratitude and Love

On Tue, 18 June, 2013 - 00:15
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Our FBA Podcasts for the rest of the month will feature talks by members of the Triratna Order who have helped shape and support the development of the Triratna Sangha in America.

Our series begins with an by Dayalocana, Chair of Aryaloka, and one of the first volunteers to help out during the early days of establishing Triratna activities in America. This FBA Dharmabyte, “The Heartwood of Aryaloka,” is from the full talk: “The Simile of the Heartwood” given on the occasion of Aryaloka’s 25th Anniversary in 2010. Aryaloka is situated on a street named Heartwood Circle, giving Dayalocana good cause to reflect on The Simile of the Heartwood, from the Majjhima Nikaya.

Next up Nagabodhi offers one man’s perspective on bringing Buddhism to the West: A story of heroism, gratitude and love for the Dharma. Also given on Aryaloka’s 25th Anniversary, Nagabodhi, long time friend, confident and President of Aryaloka, takes us back 2500 years to the time of the Buddha through the early years of the movement right up to the present day and onwards into the future. This full-length podcast “Reflections on Aryaloka” is an inspiring talk including stories about Sangharakshita and Aryaloka’s early pioneers.

And then Viriyalila, one of the founders of the Portsmouth (NH) Buddhist Center and long time friend of Aryaloka, offers “Bodhicitta Arising through Collective Practice,” one of three short talks given at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, November, 2010 titled “Three Perspectives On the Practice of Spiritual Friendship”.

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