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Dharmabyte: Reality and Intuition

On Thu, 7 June, 2018 - 14:54
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This FBA Dharmabyte is entitled ‘Reality and Intuition’ from the talk ‘All One Gorgeous Mistake’ by Vajradarshini.

A jewelled casket of a talk by Vajradarshini, with poetic accompaniment. Rumi meets Tsongkhapa in the Tavern of Ruin, and Dogen, Milarepa and Nagarjuna join them to talk about ‘self’ and ‘world’. Joanna Macy turns up too — then many voices, mixed and mingled, explore the experience of being part of an Order and following the Buddha’s way. Quite splendid stuff.

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order Women’s Convention, 2005

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