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Dharmabyte: The Mind is Everywhere

On Fri, 6 June, 2014 - 20:13
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From the fabulous talk, “What is Mind?” we bring you a sparkling Dharmabyte entitled: “The Mind Is Everywhere”. Using Milarepa’s song, the Shepherd’s Search for Mind, Dhammadinna takes us on a wild, and very specific ride, in defining subjective versus objective mind. You cannot understand the mind, because that would be the mind knowing itself!

This is the first talk in a series of talks from the Order Convention in 2001 offering different perspectives on the Abhidharma and exploring from a personal perspective what the study of the 51 Mental Events can tell us about our minds and how they work. Based on the classic Tibetan text ‘Necklace of Clear Understanding’, this is a terrific, clear introduction to the whole area of how to ‘Know Your Mind’…

Released to complement the Dharma Training Course module ‘Know Your Mind’ (year four, module 4).

Talk given at Wymondham, 2001

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sandy currie's picture
Thanks for posting this Eric! Looking forward to it another great Dharmadinna talk. :D
rodashruti's picture
So, if I’m getting this right, it’s a little different from saying Mind is All Over the Place. ;)

BTW, it might just be me again, but there’s dropout in the middle of the wave form that starts around 3:10. I tried on FF, IE & Chrome.

Rijupatha's picture
Quite welcome, Sandy! :)

Thanks for the heads-up, Mary (and for the chuckle!). :) Not sure what happened there but I’ll see if I can remedy it.