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Dharmabyte: Karma with a Twist

On Wed, 11 April, 2018 - 17:02
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In this Dharmabyte podcast entitled, “Karma with a Twist”, Subhuti clearly describes how unwholesome mental states influence how we interpret our experience. This is why we begin with sila (ethics) on the path.

From the talk, Rambles Around the Yogachara: Talk 1, part of the series Rambles Around the Yogachara by Subhuti. The Yogachara school of Buddhist philosophy provides a comprehensive psychological overview of the workings of ‘consciousness’.

This talk introduces the whole (complex!) subject with an admirable easy humour, leading us through the mazy twists and turns of the mind. We won’t even try to sum it up here - listen and marvel in an appropriately bewildered kind of way…

Please note, theses ‘rambles’ were given without notes and may contain quotational misrememberings and inevitable slips of the tongue! Talk given at London Buddhist Centre, 2003.

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