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Dharmabyte: Ambedkar - A True Hero

On Thu, 21 March, 2019 - 13:00
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Ambedkar: A True Hero, is excerpted from the talk Radical Buddhism - Changing the Myth of Society by Vajratara about Dr Ambedkar and his relevance to the Western Buddhists.

In a culture of unprecedented freedom, Vajratara asks how we choose which path to follow? This was the question facing Dr Ambedkar who had a burning issue to solve - untouchability. Vajratara introduces Dr Ambedkar by showing his methods of solving this problem, and how he came to realise more than political, economic or social action was needed. She also explains how he came to choose Buddhism as a way to radically challenge the myth of Indian society. This leaves the question of what myths in our society do we need to challenge, and how do we challenge them?

Talk given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre in August 2014.

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