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Special Assignment: 1993

On Tue, 14 May, 2013 - 05:02
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Recently, HQ contacted the Detectives on special assignment: Locate and digitize Dhammadinna’s 1993 talk “Dimensions of Refuge.”

Amazingly, this detective had not one but two copies of this rare cassette deep in the storage chambers also known as the coat closet. The first copy proved to be too badly damaged to rescue. It suffers either from bad bleed-through, or it has become a channel of paranormal activity from some great beyond. Since the latter is outside the scope of the Dharma Tape History Detective’s purview, we turned to tape two. Also badly damaged, this tape is at least comprehensible, and most of it can be recovered over time. What isn’t broadcast quality can likely be transcribed.

We’ve included a snippet for your listening pleasure, quickly processed to improve sound quality. Enjoy, and watch for more from this coveted file in the near future.
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Hi Mary: Do you have someone transcribing or checking transcription on this one yet? I may be able to help. I love listening to Dhammadinna–she’s so clear and such a favorite of mine! Well, she is my Public Preceptor…anyway, let me know how I can help.
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That would be fantastic, Danamaya! I would love company on this. Let’s have tea! I’ll email you. :)