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The Four Right Efforts

On Sat, 24 November, 2012 - 03:17
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I have digitized another talk, this one a multi-speaker presentation from a February, 1985 Women’s Order Member event on the Four Right Efforts. The speakers are Sridevi, Vimala, Sanghadevi and Ashokashri.

I felt the audio quality was quite poor even after my attempts to clean it up, so I consulted a local expert. OK, I consulted the closest person, who happens to know nothing about audio or Buddhism. He said, “I can’t understand that at all.”

That sealed it. Like the previous archival talk I digitized for Free Buddhist Audio, this talk will also be for transcript only. Believe me, if you heard the hiss on the tape and the bleedthrough from side B to side A, you’d thank me for not tempting you with a play button. I hope to find help soon bringing it to you in print form.

You can read more about bleedthrough here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Print-through

Striving on with mindfulness,
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Thank you, Mary, for consulting such a fine expert on the matter. I applaud your efforts to continue in the quest for quality archival audio - it has proven to be quite the challenge!