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Bringing Online Learning to the Slums of India (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 36)

On Thu, 4 February, 2021 - 20:07
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This episode was recorded in October 2020 when the project to bring online learning to kids from Nagpur’s poorest communities was just getting started. Please support this vital work now if you can:



Aryaketu is amazing. For 20 years he has been forging a life of extraordinary service in India with the Buddhist ‘Bodhisattva Path’ as the main context for his work. His vital, pioneering computer training school - the Aryaloka Institute - is all about the social uplift of some of the most vulnerable young people in his home city of Nagpur. It is also dedicated to exemplifying the possibilities with the bigger ideas of freedom enshrined in the Buddha’s teaching. Beyond the potentially life-changing qualifications they receive, it is this spirt of selfless service and liberation which Aryaketu tries to bring to the mentoring of students every day. 

In the pandemic, with schools closed or unsafe, Aryaketu’s dreams of a better education and life for local kids have had to adapt to meet the sometimes harrowing situation facing Dalit and other at risk communities dwelling in Nagpur’s 55 slums. With an unquenchable positivity and unstoppable ambition to be of use himself, Aryaketu and his Aryaloka Institute have set out to create safe and fully resourced online learning spaces in the slums for students who would otherwise be excluded. It’s an inspiring project, one that deserves admiration and active support!


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Here is the podcast as a mp3 file.