European Chairs' Assembly

The Three Aims

On Wed, 25 April, 2012 - 18:02
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Each of the three main aims of the Assembly has, in turn, more detailed objectives:

1: To be a network of support and friendship for Triratna Chairs and Directors.
* The ECA aims to inspire and support members so they can fulfil their responsibility as chairs of Triratna projects.
* To provide members with relevant training and information, and especially to support and encourage new Chairs.
* To conduct our meetings in a spirit of open communication and friendship.
* To have sufficient time for conducting business, but also for developing friendship and for collective spiritual practice.
* To support chairs in Europe, but chairs from beyond Europe too.

2: To promote the unity of the Triratna Buddhist Community in Europe – and beyond.
* To ensure the Triratna Buddhist Community is spiritually united – that Triratna activities are based on a deepening understanding of the teachings of Sangharakshita and the traditions of Triratna.
* To maintain an awareness of the Triratna Buddhist Community as a whole, especially across Europe, in order to ensure harmony.
* To maintain dialogue with other key unifying bodies in the Order and movement, especially the Presidents and Mitra Convenors meetings (that, like it, work on behalf of the movement), and also the Preceptors College and Order Convenors.
* To maintain communication and dialogue with Triratnas beyond Europe in order to promote the unity and harmony of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

3: To create a vibrant and effective Triratna Buddhist Community in Europe – and beyond.
* To help as many people as possible come into contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community, so they can encounter an effective path of Dharma practice and vibrant spiritual community.
* To focus on excellence and encourage a high standard in all Triratna activities.
* To generate new initiatives, or encourage those who are generating them.
* To research and promote ways in which individual Triratna projects can collaborate, ensuring a more effective use of resources.
* To keep members informed of developments across the Triratna Buddhist Community, including relevant trends and issues that need consideration.
* To work, where appropriate, with Triratna projects beyond Europe on the above.

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