Revitalising the New Society

On Wed, 17 December, 2014 - 19:00
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The New Society idea was at the heart of Sangharakshita’s founding vision for the Triratna Community in the 1960’s and 70’s. In recent years many of us have been asking what this means today. The level of interest in revitalising the vision of the New Society has been flagged up repeatedly at the meeting of Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly, but how to make that real remains work in progress. Taking a step forwards in the exploration, Guhyapati (from the ecodharma centre) talked recently with Parami (International Order Convenor), Mokshini (Brighton Buddhist Centre), and Amalaketu (Sustainable Centre Project).
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Worth bearing in mind that Bhante endorsed Mrs T promotion of the individual against the group, (by which I think he may have ment Trade Unions) and her notion that there’s “no such thing as society” (or words to that effect). Not such a good move in retrospect. However, I also remember going to the polling station with him to vote Labour the decade before. He does enjoy the metaphor of the dance and you have to quick to keep up with him.

Enjoyed the discussion. Well done all.
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thanks Guyhapati for sharing this interview. I really liked this way of presenting a topic. Very NPR! You could even drop the video and just podcast it. Easier to put on my ipod, tbh. Happy to cooperate around creating podcasts, it would be a useful contribution and a blast.
I have lots to add to this discussion, where can I do this?
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Thanks for the comment Akasadaka. We have been toying with podcasting too (through our soundcloud channel and itunes). I agree it is a versatile and handy medium. In terms of getting involved in this discussion… I am going to broadcast a two talk series on the theme before the springtime. I was wondering about setting up a forum space to build on that and see if there might be some momentum created. But I am not sure where best to host that. Any thoughts? Xg