Effective Holistic Collaboration

On Sun, 26 January, 2014 - 23:10
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19th to 26th April 2014

In whatever way we envisage contributing to the wellbeing of our world, for most of us it is going to mean working with others. It is going to mean collaborating. Effective collaboration not only benefits the world, it can provide the vital context for our growth as individuals, offer a crucial means to share and live out our deepest values, and it can bring forth emergent and creative qualities that alone we could barely imagine.
But working in groups is not always easy. It can feel frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, power conflicts arise, chaos reigns and all this gets in the way of achieving what the group or organization set out to do at the beginning.
This Effective Holistic Collaboration training will help you to learn how to collaborate, communicate and make decisions effectively. It will help you to draw out the best in yourself and others, to stay in healthy relationship, build teams based on shared values - and get things done! This course and related resources provides you with the tools and know how to make your group effective, fun, brilliant, and inspiring.
Effective collaboration requires an understanding of how groups work, it involves learning the skills for organizing and structuring our work together, it also requires deepening self-awareness, the honing of our ethical sensibility and the means to transcend our limiting habits in order to bring forth more helpful and creative capabilities. So this course integrates practical skills and approaches to group and organsational development with reflective and group practices that make the personal-interpersonal interface a truly creative place to be.
This training is for anyone working in a community or organisation, in a social change project, social enterprise or business and who wants to work creatively, dynamically and effectively with others.
You will learn how to:
· Develop shared purpose and vision
· Communicate more collaboratively
· Manage conflict creatively
· Create a structure where tasks and roles are clear and empowering
· Learn effective decision making skills to meet a wide range of contexts
· Run effective and enjoyable meetings
· Sustain motivation and involvement
· Create the conditions that bring out the best in yourself and your team/group
· Apply key facilitation skills
· Understand the inner life of group dynamics and cycles
· Keep the challenges of working with others a creative edge
· Support the harnessing of collective wisdom and individual autonomy at the same time
The team:
Nick Osborne is passionate about getting groups to work well. He is a highly respected trainer for the international transitions network. His trainings come from integrating 20 years experience of working with leadership models in social change projects, intentional communities and Eco-villages, and conventional and cutting edge organizations. He brings his insight and experience in a relaxed and participatory style.
Guhyapati is the founder of the ecodharma centre and project. He facilitates participatory and holistic learning in a way that is informed by nearly 30 years of Dharma practice, decades of social activism and an astute sense of group dynamics.
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