connect.empower.liberate series by Guhyapati

On Mon, 28 July, 2014 - 19:46
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A series of three talks given by Guhyapati at Buddhafield’s Green Earth Awakening last weekend. The gathering brought 500 people together to explore the interface between contemporary Buddhism, ecology and social action. Guhyapati brings dharma perspectives to bear on how we can empower ourselves and our communities to meet the challenges of our times.
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I went to see The Ghosts in Our Machine film last week - it is astonishing. It’s not accusatory/finger-wagging, but it just gets the viewer to observe animals in different settings and see them as individuals. It has a deeply compassionate, wise feel and has a strong art house feel and has a different remit from other films of this nature (certainly very different from Earthlings, which is very gruelling indeed). I met Liz Marshall, the director, who was over from Canada to speak at all the UK premieres. Yes, there are distressing moments but they aren’t gratuitous and there are also many moments spent in a farm animal sanctuary which show the possibilities of changing our relationships with animals. I’d urge any Buddhist to watch it and indeed, to show it at Centre and other events. Here’s a short trailer. And here is the BBC interview with director Liz Marshall. More reviews (including a suprisingly even-handed one from the Daily Telegraph) in this section media reviews.