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How Triratna Works

On Fri, 5 April, 2013 - 15:43
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Here’s a new paper by Lokabandhu, attempting to summarise in a few pages how Triratna worldwide works. It’s an overview of its mission, size, activities, structure, roles, responsibilities, and funding…! Comments welcome - and will be incorporated into a revised version in due course…

Download as a PDF

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Hi Lokabandhu, you know you can embed this as a resource using the Issuu URL? :)
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This is a great initiative – we really need something like this!
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This is great Lokabandhu - I’ll pass on the link to mitras and others. Would be good as a printed publication too. Thanks! Tejasvini
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Thank you Lokabandhu, much appreciated.
Metta, Santva
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Hi. I’ve just become chair of the Mérida Buddhist Centre. What do I need to do to get networked into into the ECA and any other chairs’ contexts?

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Hello Vajranatha,

I have just emailed you regarding your question.

Best wishes,