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Error message!

On Fri, 11 January, 2013 - 15:52
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Sorry everyone for the confusing email yesterday offering a link to a phantom post by Dhammarati of his rather wonderful picture from the grounds at Taraloka! We posted it and then realised that our image gallery system isn’t configured to deal with extra wide panorama pictures like the one in question, so it got all squished! We removed it for now and are tweaking things to accommodate these kinds of extra wide images, but we’ve heard that a few of you at least got the original notifcation and went searching for the photograph in vain! Apologies for any confusion - this kind of very direct, specific feedback really helps us improve things. Now not only do we know that we need to handle panoramas, we also know we need more targeted error messages that clarify things for you when situations like this particular one arise…

If you want to see the image, you can find it here.

We’ll get it back up on the site ASAP in all its unconstrained glory… And please do send feedback [at] (subject: site%20feedback) (feedback) any time!
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viriyalila's picture
Oops! Link still doesn’t work for the photo. Great that we’ll be able to post panoramas, they offer such a cool perspective.
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Try again? Seems to work here…
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Thank you - It’s works now. Great photo, it will be wonderful to have the panoramas available on here too.
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Not only the wonderful Prajnaparamita, but also the wonderful Dassini!