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Does your centre need help with the financial challenges of Coronavirus?

On Fri, 20 March, 2020 - 15:38
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Keturaja, Danayutta, Maitrinara and I, from the Triratna Money Group have just met to discuss how we might help Triratna centres deal with their fall-off in income now that most have closed their doors.

We’d be willing to research, summarise and share, for example, government crisis support schemes in the UK, and ways of negotiating rent and mortgage ‘holidays’.

However before doing this work we’d like to know whether you would find this useful. Please reply in the comments box.

With metta,

Amalavajra, FutureDharma Fund

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Hi Amalavajra. Windhorse Publications is not a centre, but we’ll definitely be affected. I’d find what you’re suggesting very helpful. Thank you ! 

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Yes, very useful, thanks, Ratnaprabha

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yes please

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Here in Stockholm we had just taken out a very large loan for ground source heating at Dharmagiri retreat centre, which was going to be a challenge even before coronavirus struck - and all our other Triratna centres around Europe will be strongly affected.

So if you can also research European crisis funding, please do!

Many thanks,

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Thanks for your responses.

Keturaja and Danayutta will be on the ECA Zoom on Wednesday to respond to you in relation to emergency financial management. And Nandavajra will explain how FutureDharma will help you to fundraise. Spoiler: we have already hired Kusaladevi 2.5 days pw for this.

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Yes please! Thank you, Vanaraji.

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Thanks for all you are doing to help Triratna centres through this challening time. Really appreciated the document from Kusaladevi on how to ask for dana/support - something we need to work on here. I will keep an eye out especially for further resources that would be helpful for New Zealand and Australia. May you all be safe and well.

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Sadly, we have already closed in NYC. Our landlord would not budge, as is the case with many landlords in the US

What I would find more helpful is some more tech and marketing resourcing in how we exist on-line and sustain ourselves that way. More detailed than the training that is out there already, which was a nice start but really 101. For example, editing talks into podcasts, editing videos, adding graphics to videos, social media graphics, SEO, List building, etc.

Another thought is that with so much of our activity moving online there would be a real opportunity to fund a Triratna digital design agency to help groups and centers with the back end of things. The fact that we are so decentralized is not an advantage in this context. We also all have different logos and “branding”. That was fine in bricks and mortar days but not it just means more confusion and difficulty for people to have a sense of us as being part of a whole, and leveraging the strength of our collective presence on-line. 

Digital is the “new” real estate and I would like to see us invest more in making the work of center managers easier, as the up-skilling can be hard going and much of the efforting is redundant. Discounts on software, CRM tools, which we could nego as a community and really lower our costs, etc. All this adds up. And the time we spend doing things we are are not really competent to do also takes us away from things. Even just funding a digital auditor / consultant who could do some advisory work for each center could be amazing. I did that with my personal business and it made a big difference. They come in, look at everything you are doing, tell you what can be made easier, what is not working, working and leave you with pointers to the tools for your to fix it yourself (assuming you can’t pay to have someone do it).

Just my 2 cents! Thank you for all that you are doing.